The Best Donations to Give to Goodwill/Deseret Industries

Have you ever considered taking the items you just don’t use anymore to your local Goodwill or Deseret Industries? We at A1 Access Storage in Salt Lake City have done our research when it comes to the donations that are need the most at these centers.

Old Electronics in Working Condition

This includes computers, cell phones, and game devices. These are often hard on the environment when thrown away and can always be refurbished and fixed so they are almost like new. Donating these items can go a long way. Old computers can give families a chance to enhance their computer skills and job training which is a necessary requirement for jobs today. You will also be part of fulfilling a child’s dream of owning their very own gaming system. Most electronics are too expensive for many families to afford, by donating those electronics that are collecting dust you can help someone who truly needs it.

Usable Kitchenware

By going through and organizing your kitchen you will find you don’t use some of your kitchenware. You can choose to store your valuables in a storage unit at A1 Access Storage in Salt Lake City or donate the extra kitchenware to a local Goodwill or Deseret Industries. Many families just starting out or in need could always use a few pots and pans.


Let us be honest, we either don’t ride our bikes as often as we should, or our child has simply out grown their bike. Bikes are usually very durable and long lasting items that can be donated. Bikes are known as a hot ticket item at donation centers and often sell very fast. Not only could you provide a child with a new bike, you could also be providing a form of transportation for someone who really needs it.


This includes a large variety of clothes such as suits, dresses, t-shirts, and even pajamas. Make some room in your closet this year and donate what you don’t wear anymore. Donations of clothes are largely accepted at donation centers. This gives families a chance to purchase the clothing they need for a very good price.