Steps to a Clean and Organized Bathroom

Bathrooms are essential in our everyday needs. We spend the beginning and end of each day in our bathrooms. Having a clean and organized bathroom will help to speed up your morning routine and make your bathroom cleaning duties seem like a breeze. We at A1 Access Storage in Salt Lake City can help you in the organization process with the tips we have listed below, and a self-storage unit for all those extra items you just can’t seem to find the space for.

Empty out the Space

Start by removing all the items off of your vanity and out of your cupboards and bathroom. It is easier to deep clean the space when you have removed all of the items that have accumulated over time. Seeing the empty space will inspire you to put back only what is necessary and get rid of what is taking up space. Don’t forget to clean all the surfaces and inside of your drawers to remove any dirt and grime.


Now that you have pulled out all of the items in your bathroom you can easily sort these into what you want to keep, toss, or store. Keep only what you will use. If you haven’t used that item in some time consider placing it in your self-storage unit at A1 Access Storage in Salt Lake City. Check all the expiration dates of your bathroom products and throw out anything that is broken or old. There is no use in keeping any bathroom items that are just taking up space.


After you have scrubbed the bathroom using your favorite cleaners, you can begin to put back the items you decided to keep. To help you stay organized you can purchase hooks, dividers, and plastic tubs to keep your items together. Decorative jars or bins can add a pop of color while also providing the storage you need for all your items. Utilize all available storage space and don’t be afraid to get creative. Organize your items in a way that will help you to get ready in a faster and more organized way each morning.

Add your Favorite Décor

Now that your bathroom is clean and organized you can get to the fun part, decorating. Give the space some pop of color with new wash rags or an interesting art piece. Adding shelving can work as a décor piece as well as a creative storage option for all your bathroom accessories. Make your newly refreshed bathroom a space that you will enjoy.