Preparing your Motorcycle for Storage

Whether you are moving or just need a place to keep your motorcycle safe for a few weeks, you can trust A1 Access Storage in Salt Lake City to give you the storage space you need. Before placing your motorcycle in storage you will need to take the time to make some preparations to your bike. Below are just a few of the steps you should take to prepare your bike for its stay in storage.

Taking care of your Tires

It is not recommended storing your bike so that the weight of the bike is resting on the tires for long periods of time as this can damage them. A rack works well for this but if you are unable to use one, just make sure to rotate the front tires every so often and make sure the tires are completely full before bringing in. Check the integrity of your tires every so often to make sure there aren’t any new formed leaks or cracks that could cause the tires to deflate.

Check the Engine

Before you place your motorcycle in storage you will want to get it serviced by a trusted mechanic to make sure all of your parts are functioning as they should. Replace anything that is leaking or could cause damage to your bike later on. A leaking motorcycle will not only harm your bikes engine, but it could also spill over to your other belongings you may be keeping in your storage unit.

Protect it with Wax

It is always a good idea to be proactive and give your bike a good wax before placing it in storage. This will help with rust protection and is especially important if you plan on keeping your bike in storage for more than a few months. Make sure there isn’t any accumulation of dirt or water that could cause damage to your bike.

Change the Oil

Oil in your motorcycle can get old and thick after just sitting around, even if it’s just for the winter. Make sure to change your oil beforehand so that it’s as fresh as possible when it’s time to take it out of storage.

Protect the Exhaust Pipes

Spray down your exhaust pipes with some WD-40 to keep them in pristine condition. Once you’ve done this, find some small, clean towels and shove them into the pipes to protect them from accumulating moisture.

Protecting your motorcycle for its stay in a storage unit at A1 Access Storage in Salt Lake City is easy when you follow the steps above. You can be at ease knowing your bike is safe in our facility. For more information regarding our facility and the units we have available, call us today!